Number Cruncher/Investor/Realtor

Travis was 28 years old and working at a non-profit when he bought his first investment property in San Francisco. Three years later he sold it for 50% profit. Then he moved on to the next property, and the next. If you ask him how he did it he’ll say, “I’m all about crunching the numbers. I see real estate as an investment, as an exciting business opportunity. I focus on the investment return.”

In fact, Travis applies that keen focus to everything he does, even his hobbies. Travis can cycle 200 miles in a day—up and down 25,000 foot elevations—to complete the Marin Double Century on
a Saturday, and then win a pool tournament on a Sunday.

His clients are thrilled with Travis also. Investors value Travis’ ability to understand and focus on their financial goals. First-time home buyers appreciate an agent with personal experience managing the roller-coaster ride of purchasing in the Bay Area’s wild markets. And sellers love his desire to earn the best possible value for their home.

He’s been a landlord and HOA president, stood up to developers, and lived in four SF neighborhoods—yes, Travis knows the ins-and-outs of home ownership and investing in the city.